2 Way Integration on PipeDrive

Hi all,

I am a product manager from Mindtickle Inc.

We have a conversational intelligence product that records and provide insights on calls. Our product is used by Sales organizations of different companies.

We would like to push all the call data into a Custom Object in the Pipedrive instance of our customers. Similarly, we would like to pull data from Pipedrive instance of our customers to give better insights into our platform.

We would like to do this 2 - way integration via a marketplace app so that the entire process is standardized.

Can you please help me how would I do it? Or even where would I start?

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Athul R

hi Athul

Our company has a one way integration with Pipedrive, where events in our platform are sent to Pipedrive through one of their SDK (there’s a few of them available for different programming languages), so that takes care of the push part, if there’s a need to pull I would say to use webhooks: provide endpoints of your own API that will be used when certain events happen in Pipedrive, that way you will pull data from them. I hope this helps

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Hi @ValterCunha,

This obviously is very helpful. Can we make custom objects/modules inside the Pipedrive instance? [Similar to SalesForce where one can make a custom object inside the SalesForce instance.]

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the short answer is no, you can only create the objects available through the Pipedrive API Pipedrive API v1 Reference but for some of those objects you can however create custom fields

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Thanks, @ValterCunha,

  1. Say I add the custom fields to the below 4 objects.
    * Deals,
    * Organizations,
    * Leads
    * Contacts

How would I be able to standardize & automate this process for all our customers?

1.a. Would a marketplace app be able to standardize & automate the custom field creation & addition?

We are looking for a marketplace listing and this information would be pivotal in making that decision.

– Thanks & Regards,

Athul R

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