401 Error in every endpoint

I am trying to send data via an observer which i created for user and in every endpoint that i hit i have a 401 error as belove:

“success” => false
“error” => “unauthorized access”
“errorCode” => 401
“error_info” => “Please check developers.pipedrive.com

I am using Laravel, If you would be that kind to help me handling this because the examples that i saw were with pure PHP which is actually not helpful.

Thank you in advance!

Can you provide your detail request or give it a try in Postman.

Hey, @Genti_Sheholli and welcome to the community! :wave:

Could you share a full example of your request (make sure to remove any personal information, e.g. api_token info)? We can then troubleshoot this further!


Same issue. We have two Pipedrive accounts (staging and production). Staging works fine, however production does not. I’ve double-checked the token is correct. Here is some logs…

Does anyone have an idea why is this happening?