401 - Unauthorized Access


I am integrating a contact form with the Pipedrive API. We are using a token to authenticate. I am trying to send a request to the itemSearch endpoint, but I am getting back a 401 - Unauthorized access. When I run the request on Postman with the same token it works just fine.
I’ve tried also to run the request on other endpoints but I am still getting back the same response.

This is a snippet of the code I am using at the moment:

const searchItem = (searchTerm) => {

    const itemSearchAPIUrl = `${baseUrl}/v1/itemSearch?term=${searchTerm}&search_for_related_items=1?api_token=${apiKey}`;

    const config = {

      method: "get",

      url: itemSearchAPIUrl,



      .then(function (response) {



      .catch(function (error) {




Hey @Ilaria_Callegari
Welcome to the community :raised_hands:
Thanks for sharing your snippet :slight_smile:
From the looks of it, I see that there is an issue with the query string params

it should ideally be

Ampersand instead of a question mark before api_token param

Let me know if it helps