422 Error from Pipedrive via Formstack Sync

Hey Guys

Hoping someone can help shed some light on this issue we’re getting, i was advised by PD customer support to post it here.

We currently use Formstack sync (formerly Bedrock Sync) to connect our Pipedrive Sales CRM to our Hubspot Marketing automation platform, so far the set up has been ok, but im now running in this bug.

This is the limited information i get from their error reports.

Error from pipedrive0: 422 Unprocessable Entity: {‘errorCode’: ‘422’, ‘error’: ‘Unprocessable Entity’, ‘errorDetails’: {‘upstreamCode’: 400, ‘upstreamError’: ‘Bad Request’}}: {‘upstreamCode’: 400, ‘upstreamError’: ‘Bad Request’}

I am also reaching out to Formstack but they are slow to respond, so i thought id post here as well to see if anyone may be able to guide me to possible reasons for this error.


Hi Jamie,

A 422 error means that the Webhooks limit is reached. It seems that this sync has created too many webhooks (but I’m not familiar with Formstack)