429s responding to webhooks from bulk updates

We receive update webhooks for several PD entities and may make PUT requests back to the API for the entities that were updated, depending on what has changed.

When a PD user makes a bulk update, this results in 429 responses to our PUT requests. We currently avoid the problem by looking for the value of the is_bulk_update key and delaying those PUT requests to a daily update.

This key is being deprecated in webhooks V2. Can PD suggest alternative solutions to this problem which will still allow for responses in real time for individual user updates.

Thank you for the valuable feedback! We agree that this is a important attribute to have for the use-case and will be adding it as is_bulk_edit: true/false to v2 webhooks meta section in the near future. I cannot give an exact timeline immediately but will come back to this thread once its implemented.

Hi @p13guy! is_bulk_edit boolean has been added now to the v2 webhooks’ payload meta section.

It will take some time to update the documentation but feel free to try it out already.

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Many thanks to you and the Pipedrive team for addressing this!

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