A way to create a temporary filter?


For pulling more specific data we often employ this workflow via the API:

  1. create a filter
  2. pull data
  3. delete the filter.

Can it be simplified by creating a filter that’s not permanently saved and thus eliminating the need to delete it? I saw a topic about a ‘temporary_flag’ but can’t find docs on that.

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Is it necessary to delete the filter? We have a filter that we just reuse for cases like this.

Good call! However it won’t work in our case. Deleting the filter is not strictly necessary but it is a different setup each time for us (created automatically based on stuff). Whenever we can reuse we employ various strategies like caching filter ids externally but in a lot of cases these are one-off. So we’d end up with 100+ old filters after a week or less.

My dream feature is and endpoint where you could submit just the filter json and get back results, without actually creating the filter. I’ll submit a feature suggestion.