About Daily Limit For POST/PUT endpoints

We have been developing an integration that syncs contact data from our platform to Pipedrive’s /persons, we found the fair usage policy here which states a user is allowed a maximum of 10k POST/PUT requests daily regardless of account type.

While testing our app, we were able to send ~12K POST/PUT without being limited, is it because the fair usage limit doesn’t apply to sandbox accounts? Can someone please confirm this?

Thank you!

Hi @vwei_ac,

We do allow some wiggle-room on the limits just so that people don’t all of a sudden get shutdown, but also in your case, the limits don’t really take effect for integrations as we realize Users may be using several and we don’t want them to be limited there.

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Hi @David

What is the process for classifying an integration/sync app to have no API limits? It sounds that we have a similar use case. At the moment we count POST/PUT requests on our backend and block operations after reaching a threshold to avoid hitting the Pipedrive limit.

We’ve had Pipedrive customers that couldn’t complete their updates on the same day and had to break the process into multiple days.

Thank you!

Hi @yonatanlee,

So far, no apps are without API limits and all are monitored to see whether or not they’re on the threshold. If you’d like, you could reach out directly at marketplace.devs@pipedrive.com to discuss the situation further, but we don’t remove limits for anyone. Have you already tried incorporating webhooks to assist on the limits?

Our specific use case is for updating more than 10,000 records in Pipedrive per day. I’ll reach out directly to discuss further.

Thank you!

I just want to remind you, we don’t lift the limits on any integrations, but rather we possibly work together to find ways assist you in preventing limits from being hit.