About the API get all mail messages in a deal

I used endpoint /v1/deals/:id/mailMessages to get all the mail messages related with the deal but I couldn’t get the main content of a mail, only snippet. How can I get all of information of mail messages and its content?

Hi there!
I see here you can get the full body of an email by using this endpoint:
You can set the field include_body as 1 to bring the body in the result.

I got it. Thank you for your support <3

Hi there,

I have tried the endpoint but the body was a paragraph of html code. How do I get only message’s content?

The endpoint with the include_body flag on will give you the unchanged message body. To get only the text, you will need to escape the html tags in your app.

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Nevermind I made it. Thank you so much for your support <3

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