Access API using python

Hello everyone,

I am trying to access the Pipedrive API using Python (see attachment) but it is not generating any data. Does anyone have any idea why?

Hey @Felipe_Santos_Garcez
Welcome to the community :wave:
Thanks for adding the screenshot. Can you also share the response that you are getting from the API (error logs) ? I also noticed that you have a table_name parameter which is not documented. This could lead to an error.

The error is that it doesn’t display anything in the response, as if there were no data.

Regarding the table_name, the name is a table that I created with some filters.

Please check the query parameters for get all activities endpoint. That endpoint does not have a query param named table_name. It seems to be erroneous.

Feel free to share the notebook link / code snippet as text :slight_smile: (Ofcourse with API key info redacted)