Access Owner information in documents

I’m looking to auto-populate Deal and Organization Owner / Pipedrive User fields in a document template. When will Owners be added to the list of available fields? Also, it would be nice to be able to select from a list of People associated with a Deal or Org for filling out documents.

Thanks, Nick

Hey Nick,

There’s no plan to make Owners (User IDs) into Fields, but you can still capture the Owner of any Deal or Organization - it should be the user_id that is associated with it (or owner_id for other sections inside a deal for example).

For people associated with a Deal/Org (Users), you could use an endpoint like this: GET/deals/{id}/followers

Thank you for your reply, David.

I hope this is something your team will reconsider. Adding a sales person’s contact info (such as phone number and email) to a document that would be sent to customers, would greatly increase the utility of the Documents feature.