Actions on a Deal

Hi there,

I love you to get your advice on this challenge.

I would like to monitor if an action was take on a specific Deal.

For example:

  • Stage change
  • Email sent
  • Task complete
  • Call Complete

I have a status in my app called ‘Action Taken’ which has 2 states (Yes and No). As soon as any of the above actions are taken on a deal I want to flip the ‘Action Taken’ status from NO to YES.


Hey Dan,

The best way to do this is via Webhooks and then use IF statements on your end to monitor the fields you want that are changed. Henk sums it up here as well:

Thanks! I’ll test it out

Will a webhook capture these changes:

  • Email sent on a deal
  • File added
  • Task added/completed
  • Stage changed



Anything that updates the Changelog on a Deal should work to trigger the Update Webhook so all 4 of your example changes should be fine.

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Great to hear! thanks

Hi @dan_murphy, you can fetch the entire deal flow using this api:!/Deals/get_deals_id_flow