Activities queries and timezone

Hi all !

Here is my case. I do have 3 activities on April 30th.

9am, 2pm and 9pm.

However :


does not return the 9pm event. I have to bring that before 8pm (23:59 UTC -4) to get it in the response.

Is there a way to add the timezone in the query or setting the default company timezone.

Thanks !


Hello @EricB

All times received by the API will be in UTC timezone. Meaning you need to apply the corresponding timezone offset for start/end dates before making a request.

More here Date format

Thanks @mykhailo !

It seems to work by adding time after the date, which was not clear in the doc that a date is a date + time format.

start_date : Use the Activity due date where you wish to begin fetching Activities from. Insert due date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
Pipedrive API v1 Reference

Your link clarifies things :wink:

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