Activity icon issues


We have one issue mentioned by one of our users. He has set up custom activities according to the ones we send from Woodpecker. He chose the proper icons for those activities, but he still sees de default one (Call) in the person history. We define icon in our payload etc. In this client’s case we received the 403 forbidden error, but the client insist he has an admin permissions.

This is what exactly he wrote us: “Hello, we have an integration with Woodpecker, which sends cold emails for us and automatically creates tasks in Pipedrive. However, when an email is sent and an automatic task on Pipedrive is created, the icon that the tasks gets is a phone, not an email”.
with the following screen:

We’ve checked the logs and there was an information about lack of permissions. Let me show you:

DEBUG [2020-09-18 16:40:56.439] Start POST request to Pipedrive # extra:{“name”:“Campaign email”,“color”:“000000”,“icon_key”:“email”}

DEBUG [2020-09-18 16:40:56.541] Response for request to Pipedrive # extra:{“success”:false,“error”:“You do not have permissions to do this.”,“error_info”:“Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.”,“data”:null,“additional_data”:null}

It’s only one example, but it happened for all activity types we tried to send, and for the few clients already.

Do you have any ideas what may cause this issue?

I’m unfamiliar with this integration. Is it unlisted?

Could you PM me a link to the integration’s landing/install page so I can investigate further?

Hi David,

Sorry for no answer from me - I was on a sick leave. Our integration is unlisted in your marketplace as we do not have OAuth verification. We integrated with Pipedrive 3 years ago (as I recall) and we use API key for authentication. Let me know what information you need from my end to investigate it further.

Could you DM me the details of this specific user/company?