Activity, Notes, Files and Call History

Hi Community,

Without using webhooks, I need to detect changes in Activities, Notes, Files, and Call.
For example, using the {objects}/flows API, I can only see the related objects, but I can not detect what changed, or even know if an activity/note/file was deleted.

My question is, using the RESTful API, is there any way to load changes in such objects?

Hey Rod,

Have you tried out the GET /recents endpoint for finding updates or would this not suit for what you’re looking for?

Thanks, David, this is awesome! Works pretty well.

I just would suggest having a way to sort too, like other listing APIs.

Awesome! Thanks!

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Just realized that this API doesn’t support Leads :confused:
Any plans for this?

Which recency changes are you not seeing on Leads in recent?

I tested with adding an activity and it showed so I want to know what needs to still be updated on that.

Oh, sorry, I was not clear.
I meant that there is no way to see the Lead`s recent changes.

The Activities, Notes, Files, etc are working like a charm :slight_smile:

Ah yes, you’re right. I’ll let our Lead team know. Thanks!