Activity type colors

Hi guys,

I’ve been testing!/ActivityTypes/post_activityTypes where you can add a color to an activity type
I’ve done that and got a true response;
“id”: 18,
“order_nr”: 7,
“name”: “scissors lime green type”,
“key_string”: “scissors_lime_green_type”,
“icon_key”: “scissors”,
“active_flag”: true,
“color”: “#00FF00”,
“is_custom_flag”: true,
“add_time”: “2017-12-13 11:39:20”,
“update_time”: “2017-12-13 11:39:20”

I can’t see anywhere in Pipedrive or in Google Calendar this activity type being lime green, so I’m wondering what the color is for? I used a hex code from here

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi @Kurt, you are right, this has not yet been implemented, it is mentioned in Activity Fields section (“Each ActivityType is presented to the user with an icon and a name. Additionally, a color can be defined (not implemented in the Pipedrive app as of today)” ) but we should add this in the Activity Types section too to avoid confusion. Thanks for the heads up!

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+1 for this.

Is this on the roadmap?

Nothing in the roadmap currently (I think it was previously), but certainly something we’ll throw into discussion for future implementation.


I see that this is still in the API doc, but not implemented in Pipedrive.
Is it on the roadmap now ?


Still not on the roadmap as of now. I’ll try to update this thread if anything changes.