Add a deal with label(s)

Guys, can i add a deal with label?

i mean, use the post method in /v1/deals with “label” that is not listed in body parameters in the docs[1]


Hi Leonardo,

yes, you can create a new Deal with an existing labels. However please not that this is currently an undocumented behavior which could and probably would change in the future without a notice. :warning:

I’ll try to update the answer once I get more information from the responsible team :slight_smile:

curl --location '<API_TOKEN>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data '{
  "title": "Test Deal",
  "person_id": "21",
  "org_id": "6",
  "label": "FirstLabelId,SecondLabelId"
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Adding to my previous answer - ability to also set labels while creating Deal will be officially added in a near future and the format should match the one used in response. But still keep in mind that until it is published the format and function could still change.

Check this Changelog announcement for more details about the format.

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