Add a new button to the app

Is there any way to add a button to the application and assign it a link to a specific route of another application (like a webhook)?
For example, as in the picture: add a “New button” and if the user presses it, then a call is triggered for example: " "

Hi @okrupnik13
As you might be already aware, we have app extensions that work in certain pre-defined areas. Let me know if your use case is different

However, if you are trying to add a button right next to the + deal button, there isn’t a direct way to do that.

Hello @hem, in your documentation App actions I haven’t found a menu where I can add my actions. Could you show in the screenshot where it is located?
I mean, instead of the button I wrote about above. What should I do to make a new action appear in the menu, when clicked, my application would be called by the link and information about the selected deal in json format would be transmitted (the one that is transmitted in json format when your webhook is triggered when creating a new deal)

Hey @okrupnik13
You need to define that in your app. This could be created as a Basic App action.

You can make these actions available in different locations

Hi @Hem !
And is there any way not to create applications. Is it possible to simply add my new action with a specific link to an existing menu (as in the screenshot)? By clicking which, information about the current deal (in json format) will be sent to the specified link.

Hey @okrupnik13
Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way. You need to create an app that lets you do that. It also enforces security by design. :slight_smile:

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