Add Activity automatically adds deal and organization info. How to remove that?

When creating an activity through the API associated to a deal, the following information is added automatically to the description (visible to all participants on their calendars):

Deal: XXXXXdeal

Organization: XXXXX


Contact: XXXX

How do I tell the API not to add this information?


Hi @CrazybutSolid,

What endpoint are you using? If you’re using
/activities/{id} and not specifying org_id or person_id, then they shouldn’t be added.

I’m creating an activity so I’m using Post instead of get. Only adding deal_id, but not person or org id

Sorry, I meant POST and not GET.

Have you tried doing this on the Reference page? I just tested adding an Activity and only included the deal_id (of a Deal connected to a Person & Org) and the Org and Person weren’t added to the Activity.