Add dealFields throwing 500 Internal Server Error

When I try to creat a deal field I got Internal Server Error.
Not sure what is wrong here.

“error”: “Internal Server Error (6e5b266c-e7af-40a1-933b-ef8b44a98005)”,

Hi Samuel - welcome to the forum.

Could you check the if you are sending the right Content-Type and Accept headers? Only application/json is supported and you can omit these headers anyway.

If this does not help can you please share your full request (without an api_token)?

Have a nice weekend,

I was using the same exact requests in postman collection.
I am also sure I passed the right headers :

sharing screenshots.

The mentioned Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded is not supported.

Can you try one of the following?

  • Send Content-Type: application/json or
  • Remove the Content-Type header altogether