Add Email and Phone in Deals

I’m trying to add a person using the “person_id” with the email and phone fields filled in.
In postman when I “GET” the fields appear correctly, but when I “POST” that same “Json” it says “Something went wrong with the request, please check your request and try again!”.

This is the Json I’m trying, it’s simple as it’s a test for email and phone only:

  1. I don’t think you can include person_id value when creating a new person, Pipedrive will assign person_id for you
  2. When adding a person I think simply push like this:
    'payload': { 'name': 'Bortoloni', 'email': '', 'phone': '' // (or leave this line out) }

When updating a person (secondary emails, phones, etc) you may need nested values but for add I think it’s simpler.

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Would agree with @paulieweb here. The API reference for add person can be found here Pipedrive API v1 Reference