Add followers with node.js official wrapper

Hi guys, thanks for the wrapper.

Is it possible to add followers? Couldn’t find anything and been trying to ask support for quite a bit!

Something along the lines of:

 id: 123,
 user_id: 123

Hi @MelMacaluso,

It’s not possible via node.js at the moment, but we will be adding new SDKs fairly soon which will support all public endpoints.

When’s the new SDK launch date (roughly?), will it support async/await out of the box?

Anyway, I did it like this and it works?

First I get the deal with


Then I just use the res (deal in this case) like:

deal.addFollower({id: dealId, user_id: userId}, (err, data) => { ... })

How did I do that? Intuitively from github documentation. Support wasn’t even aware there was such a thing as official node.js wrapper ahaha and docs are a bit lacking (let me know if you want me to do PR and explain the implied things).

I am actually using the whole thing async-ified with async/await through a wrapper.

If you guys need an extra hand rewriting it feel free to contact me, I wouldn’t mind giving my contribution, I quite enjoying workin with PD, I use it with all my clients/projects lately.