Add note using Make

Hi everyone! I’m trying to use Make to do the API call and add a note to a lead.

I’m getting an error when making the call:

The operation failed with an error. 400: Note needs to have a content.

This is what the call looks like:

Any idea?

Hi @Edan_Ben-Atar
Welcome to the community. Were you able to inspect the operation via Make’s DevTool / Execution history?

If so, can you share those logs? Also does it work fine when you perform the same request via Postman?

I wish I could tell you I didn’t spend 4 hours troubleshooting this, but I did.

It ended up being that I was missing quotations around the 7. ID key value.

Hi Edan, i had the same issue, but i don’t know what do you mean by quotation, could you post a screenshot of what did you introduce? i have tried to put information that i need to put in the notes after the last character, but it’s still making me the 400 error / Note needs to have a content.

Hello, @Nacho_Petryakov and welcome to the community! :wave:

By quotation marks, I believe Edan meant adding the "" symbols for the lead_id value, since it’s a string type. The body based on their example would then be:
{ "content": "This is a note", "lead_id":"xyz" }

You can check out our documentation for the POST /notes endpoint to check the data types of different parameters.

In JSON, string values must be written with double quotes.

I take a screenshot if you are still not sure where to put quotations.

Also check the API document mention before to check the data types.

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