Add Option "Export selected contacts to..."


i am planning to create an export tool that exports selected contacts to another mailing service. This function is very similar to the “export to mailchimp” feature but i could not figure out how to “push” the data to an external web application (maybe using a POST-Method or JSON).

Any ideas?



Hey @kdrei this really depends mostly on the destination service. As you probably saw already you can get the data from Pipedrive using our API. Then you could do anything with it and send it to the other service in any way that service allows. Is this a custom integration for your company or are you planning to offer this integration in our marketplace?

Hello diego,mendez,

i need a way to add a button/element “export data to” to the UI in order to trigger the export. But at the moment it seems that there is no way to do so (“push” the data to another service instead of “pullig” it). Is this right or does anybody have a clue on how to add this button to the UI?


You would only be able to add elements to the UI via a Chrome extension/plugin. We don’t currently support building UI changes directly (this will hopefully be possible near the end of this year).