Added and Updated webhooks fire when creating a new person

I’m facing a similar issue to the bug that was reported here:

When a person is added, both the Added & Updated webhooks fire.

Is there any update on a fix for this? Or a documented guarantee that the Updated is fired 100% of the time when a new person is added? ( Based on the last response it seems like it may or may not fire )


Hi Ed,

After checking with our engineers, Updated fires 100% of the time when a new person is added. Unfortunately this is due to a Follower being added immediately after a person is created.
At this time there’s no plans to change this, but I will update if there is a change.

Hi David,

I appreciate you checking on this and confirming the update firing. This will work fine for us as long as we understand the behavior.

It would be great if you guys can update the API docs to reflect this - it caused us a nasty bug and several hours of reverse engineering to figure out what was happening in the webhooks, and I’m sure others will hit this in the future.


Good suggestion, I’ll have that updated.

Hello there! I am a bit late to the party but I just stumbled on this topic and I have been having a similar problem. Is 100% update on adding a new person still the case?

Thank you.

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