Adding a new button on deals page in pipe drive


I’m new to market place and trying to understand how to make best use of it!

I want to create a button on deals page like in the image

In the image You can see “Send SMS” inside red circle. I want to create a button like this on deals page and integrate it with SMS API to successfully send SMS to the person attached with this deal.

Can you guide me, if UI can be edited inside pipe drive ?
Any precautions or advice over SMS api integration ?

PS : I must use the button to send SMS as it make a good user experience.

Thank you.

Hey @David , Do you have any suggestion for it?

Hi @Sangeeta_Singh,

Maksim from Pipedrive here. Short answer is - no, it’s not possible at the moment. Slightly longer answer - not yet available, but there are plans to provide a way to add buttons to our UI, but we don’t have any ETA on that.

As a workaround, you could create a note that would include a link to the deal and pin it to the deal.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Sangeeta_Singh,

We are working on a way to do this although not with a button like this, but same result. Contact me at if you would like more info.


hey @maksim.borissov,

any progress on what I had requested?

As Pipedrive Extension is in, any idea if same can be achieved using extension?

Also relevant to my interests!
I’m looking to add a button to the Deals Interface to generate an offer with the click of a button. Ideally the button would fire a Webhook with specific information from the Deal as the payload.

You can do basically the same thing using App Extensions.

Did you already take a look?