Adding a Person (/persons) with email fails on API Page

I had a php script working for more than 8 months and since mid of april there are issues. When I tested the forms on the API Page I figured out, that the email entry is dropped.

Anyone else having troubles with /persons or can point me to latest changes?
Maybe the new leads feature interferes or needs adaptions?

Changes I found here (changelog) should normally not interfere with “add a person” PUT request.

Update: tested on safari and firefox, both behave identical

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You’re right, on the API Reference page, for some reason, the email address is not added on the POST /persons.

Although, it seems the issue is specific to the page itself, as I tested on Postman with no issue.

Could you tell me what type of issues you’ve been encountering since mid April?

I am using PHP Curl PUT to the endpoints in following order 4 or 5 request:

  1. persons new -> *person_id
  2. deals new(personid, fixed-stageid) -> *deal_id
  3. activities new (deal_id) -> *org_id
  4. optional Update on organisation field address country
  5. update deal_id with org_id

The ISSUE is not permanent so I am still debugging this as there are no server logs:

  1. first issues were within “activities” missing the notes field. the message was rather long in that case.
  2. missing deal at all.
  3. but still debugging the misbehavior and the api changes are one factor to think of for me.
  4. (when using a fresh test account 14 days trial it works properly) on my target account there are these issues and the only thing that is different is the new leads tab they use meanwhile. we even tested with creating a new api token there.
    Basically it is a custom contactform from our website - adding a deal and planning first contact activites.

I think it must be v1 of the php client, as this one (client-php) looks updated meanwhile.

Today I was coming back and wanted to test again, but this API Page and emailfield is still not working.

  • missing the email entry in contacts list

why is this api page still so unsatisfying?

Hi @supersmart

We fixed the issue last time you contacted us, so this information here is interesting. We tested it from our side today and it works as expected, but we’re sorry to hear it’s still not working for you.

So let’s try to understand what could help you. Have you tried using this format for the email field [{"value":" "}]?


Hi @riin - sorry I missed that the field-structure changed. Thanks for the “array hint” it was my plain email entry that must have caused the drop!