Address Field Geocoding removed after update

We have a geocoded field, all fine.

We request the custom field (address string) which yields “Giesebrechtstraße 19, 10629 Berlin, Germany”.

We do a put on the deal with the same value “Giesebrechtstraße 19, 10629 Berlin, Germany”, geodata is removed (e.g. cannot click on the link anymore to see the map in pipedrive UI)

Some more direct info here. If I purely use api requests
First request to update a deal:{dealIDHere}?api_token=xxx

  "4042d46f30xxxx": "Giesebrechtstraße 20, 10629 Berlin"

this updates the address field as expected. Geo-data, all fine:
Response in GET is:

    "4042d46f30xxx2": "Giesebrechtstraße 20, 10629 Berlin",
    "4042d46f30xxx_street_number": "20",
   // …and so on all geodata is set

Next, i do the exact same PUT request from above again.

I wait a bit, next GET request results in

    "4042d46f30xxx2": "Giesebrechtstraße 20, 10629 Berlin",
    "4042d46f30xxx_subpremise": null,
    "4042d46f30xxx_street_number": null,
   // …and so on, all geodata is null

please help me out here

Hello there @asfhaksfh I have been checking this with our support engineers and they were able to replicate this behaviour. We have created a bug report, I will let you know as soon as it’s solved by our developers.

Thanks for letting us know