Address in Organization API


I am working on API integration to export Organization and Person data from my product. I have been referencing the link!/Organizations/post_organizations for information. I want the JSON script for exporting the Address in the default ‘address’ field.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Priya,
What do you mean by “JSON script for exporting the Address in the default ‘address’ field”?

Hi Dani,

Yes, I filled my address details in address_route, address_sublocality, address_locality, address_admin_area_level_1, address_postal_code. I didn’t see it in the main address field for the organization. Now after some more testing I am planning to fill all the above fields, address_formatted_address and address field. Will that work ?

Thank you,

hi Priya.
You should just update the address field.
All the other subfields that you mentioned, will be filled in automatically :slight_smile: