All deals with a certain filter including structure of that view

Would like to get all deals with a certain filter including structure of that view, as the columns are in that view.
Using returns all columns but not as they are in the view.

When I get the properties of that view
I see this field “custom_view_id”: 34,
But can’t find anywhere where to get the properties of custom_view?

So the question is how do I get that same view back?

Hey @sikkens
Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for being patient :slight_smile:

I understand that you are trying to retrieve the condition fields and the columns used. You are correct that the custom_view_id pertains to the columns used. I am checking with the concerned team on the relevant endpoint for the same. I will get back on this shortly

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My colleague has gotten this useful reply from your team:
Using endpoint {{baseUrl}}/CustomViews

We found out that, we used to have an active support for the custom view and it is not considered as legacy.
Even though we do not have any official support for the endpoint, you can still try sending a GET customViews request and the system should provide you with details about all the custom views in your PIpedrive account.

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Hey @sikkens
You are right about the custom views endpoint. For some reason, it seems to be missing in the public docs. I am in touch with the team to include it officially as part of the docs.