All the Task related APIs don't work


I’ve been experimenting with Pipedrive’s APIs and have encountered an issue with the Task-related APIs. I consistently receive a “404 Not Found” error when attempting to use them. On the other hand, APIs related to Activities, Persons, and Organizations work perfectly, providing the expected responses.

I noticed that the Task and Project APIs are under beta, could that be the reason for the failed response?

As an illustration, here’s a sample GET request. Please note that I have obfuscated the domain and token for privacy/security reasons:

Example GET request:

I appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.

Hi! It looks like you are missing api from your URL.
All the APIs are available at https://{COMPANYDOMAIN}

You can check out the documentation for more information.

Please try and let me know if there’s still an issue.

The issue has been resolved after I appended “/api” to the URL path. Interestingly, the other APIs didn’t require this addition, they functioned perfectly without it.

Thank you for your assistance!