Any issues with creating just a Deal only through the API? (and not a Person/Org)

We’ve been testing with the Pipedrive API, as we’re working with our phone system provider to set up an integration/app for Pipedrive to streamline the set up of both Pipedrive and a phone integration for multiple clients, which will all integrate back to our internal custom-built reporting platform.

As part of getting a minimum viable product up and running, we have been doing testing with the Pipedrive API to see if we could create deals without creating people or organizations. We were successful in being able to do this (even when you can’t do this directly within the Pipedrive app). We are planning to begin with this as a first phase, and then look to evolve it to creating people and organisations concurrently with deals down the track.

I just wanted to confirm that creating deals only won’t cause any issues or potentially come unstuck or cause what we’re setting up to break down the track, from a development/API perspective.

I look forward to any insight you can share, thanks!


Yes, you are right, you can create deals with being connected to people/organizations via API.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but as of right now you shouldn’t run into any issue with this system breaking (but I can’t confirm that this won’t change in the future).

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick reply. Just to confirm, you meant ‘without’ being connected to people/organisations via API, as opposed to ‘with’, right?

Just wanting to make sure I’m on the same page as you.


Yep, it was supposed to be “without”, I was just writing too quickly :smiley: