Anyone else experiencing webhook 6-10 minute delay during the day? Both v1 and v2

Ever since a couple of weeks ago we’ve been seeing a very marked 6-10 minute delay on the time it takes for our webhooks to fire. This only happens during the day (EST time), since tests I’ve run at night fire almost immediately. It happens on both v1 and v2 webhooks.

When I brought this up with Customer Support, they mentioned other users had reported it as well and that this was within their operating parameters. They suggested to upgrade to v2 webhooks since it would be “faster” but, upon further testing, they are not faster. They are always a few seconds slower than v1.

Given our fast-paced sales process, this delay is directly affecting our sales. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue?

Hi @jp-apps
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Can you share the timeframe during which the delays were disruptive?

There were noticeable delays from our side during the past week. This has been addressed, and it shouldn’t affect integrations now. But let me know if it persists; I can follow up with engineering.

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Hello @Hem

The timeframe for the delays was during the past 1-2 weeks. Starting this week we’re seeing it come back to normal speeds and everything seems to be working as it should. After speaking with Support we were afraid the delay would be present for an indefinite amount of time or would not be fixed as it was deemed “within operational parameters” so we started looking for alternative ways to handle our integrations without using webhooks even though using them is the best approach.

Thanks for the update and for resolving this!