API Access to /v1/subscriptions/recurring in Sandbox: "Access Denied", statusCode 7

I have tried to add a recurring subscription to a deal in the sandbox. I’m aware that this feature is for Advanced and more expensive plans. I do pay an advanced plan outside the sandbox.

I get back the following response:

403 Forbidden

{“success”: false, “statusCode”: 7, “error”: “Access denied”, “error_info”:
null, “data”: null}

Hi @mvtango
Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for being patient. Just a couple of details that I’d require.

  • Whats the mode of authentication that you are using? (API token vs. OAuth)
  • If it is OAuth, I assume that you have added the right scope during the time of authorization. deals:full should cover it. Could you kindly confirm?

Hello, sorry for being late to reply this, I was on vacation in between. Still interested in the reply, though.

I’m using API token authentication. Happy to provide further details.

OK I just found out by contacting customer service via chat that my sandbox was stuck in “free” mode and I could not switch it to “advanced mode” on my own. They promised to help. Once in advanced mode I might get access to subscriptions

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