API and project api access key


I am currently developing a server application to integrate pipedrive with several other services for my customers.
You have a great api interface that provides a lot of possibilities, but there are several questions regarding api access keys.
Why do they refer to users, if the meaning of my server application or the application that I want to make on the marketplace side is related to users, and not to itself project entity? It turns out that I can create several accounts in your service that will be directed to work with my server application and just expand my rate limit?
Was this the original idea?
Sorry if my question sounds stupid, it’s just that in the case of integrating two different services, rather than empowering a specific user, it’s like having an api project key instead of a user api key.

Do not think that my message is a complaint. I just want to understand how to do it right and what logic should be overridden.

Welcome to the community @Basil.digital :slight_smile:
Glad to know that you find the APIs intuitive and useful!

Could you please clarify this part? I assume you are referring to the fact that the credentials are tied to users?

If possible can you refer to the documentation page that happens to be confusing?

  1. On a general note, you have higher limits for OAuth-based integrations than the api_token ones.
  2. If your integration is event-driven, prefer to use webhooks in conjunction with REST APIs than just polling with REST APIs.
  3. Be it access_token generated via OAuth / api_token, it is always tied to a particular user.