API connection best practices

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I am looking to connect to the pipedrive API . We would like to update from our DWH when a deal is done instead of moving manual the stage, as well I would like our customers to be added to the correct pipeline according to their ‘#Orders’ or other user characteristics. Could you share with me which are the best practices for connecting with your API and if you have any suggestions for similar cases?

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Hi @Aris_Alvertis
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Thanks for explaining the scenario and for your patience.

You can make use of the Pipedrive REST API to perform actions such as moving deals across stages or doing pipeline manipulation


To get notified when something happens in Pipedrive, you can use webhooks.
From a best practice perspective, please make sure that you

  • construct requests with the right data type and structure
  • handle API errors accordingly
  • are aware of rate limits & pagination

You can find more about the relevant concepts here About the Pipedrive API