API finding Person by email not working as expected


I am having trouble when finding Persons by email. It appears the API fails to return any results when attempting to find a Person who has an email which ends with a custom domain name. For example, if you have a Person with email ‘johnsmith@example.global’, searching for the full email does not return any results, however searching for ‘johnsmith@example.gl’ will work successfully.

We have a number of Persons who have emails where this is the case, eg. .works, .design, .solutions and are unable to find these persons using the API.

Thanks for your help

Definitely looks like something is up there.
I’ll look further into this to see what we can do.

Thanks for letting us know!

Any news on this?
The issue still exists.
We are also seeing this with emails where the clients mispelled their email address, for ex their address ends in “.com” and they mispell it as “.ocn” or “.con”
so for an address like test@gmail.con the API does not return the person, if we search by email, even though the person is present in the Pipedrive “Contacts”.
We have an automated process where we update the contacts based on their email, so we first check if the person exists, if not we create them in pipedrive. if they exist, we only update them.
Since a search on these email adresses does not return the person, they get re-created every time.

We will eventually fix their email adresses in the source but nonetheless the search API should return these persons

Unfortunately no update as of now.
We’re working to update it, but I don’t have an ETA.
It’s an issue of using an older elastic search which doesn’t support new-gen email addresses (which will also cause an issue with the misspellings you’re facing).

I’ll update you on this as soon as possible.

I’m experiencing a similar or perhaps the same problem. The email also has a “.” on the left side of the address (not sure if that has any impact), and uses a new domain. Eg: bob.jones@mycompany.fit

This must get fixed - our software is not able to find persons properly, creates new ones and then we have to manually cleanup later.

Please increase prio!

+1 for prioritizing this issue - we’re unable to find users whose emails don’t end in .com domains. Thank you!

+1 for this issue.
Any news?

To give a little update, this is part of a project that is currently being worked on (the project is to improve overall search capabilities in PD, but this is one of the main points).
So, no exact time I can give you, but within 3 months is likely.

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+1 Same here…

Hello everyone,

I would like to say that we’re currently in the process of including next gen email addresses into the search function and have already begun adding this capability for a small percent of our users. If you would like this enabled for you - please pm me your PD account’s details

Hi David, this is an older topic, but we are still experiencing issues where the exact email cannot be found and duplicate contacts are being created, because the search API can’t find the email addresses.
Any workaround, is this a problem that you are still encountering?

Could you give me examples (without exposing the full email address)?