Api for search deals

Hello Folks,
I want to search for deals by their unique id.
and I have already seen that options for search deals in that options one of these are fields and it supports only ( custom_fields, notes, title ) but I want to search by their unique ID so how can I do that or anything else another way to search deals by their ID so please let me know

Hi @jaymin_munjani
Welcome to the community :wave:

Just to clarify, are you trying to search by multiple IDs? or would you like to have ID field included similar to the other fields you stated? Feel free to share the use-case :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply @Hem
yes, I wish to have an ID field like the other fields I stated.

But I wanted to searchDeal by their id but exact_match was wished to be false

we take one example, I have an id like this ( id = 24 ).
and I want to search every deal that includes “24” in their id field.

means that as of now “id” is not supported in searchDeals API param property fields.