API for Webex Calling and PD?

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First of all: im not fluent in programming-language at all, so please excuse my naivity on this topic.

We are using PD to do a lot of calls daily and would love to be able to call out of Pipedrive. Unfortunately there is no API for our Provider WebEx (Cisco) that allows us to dial right out of PD.

Is there a way to program something like that? What would be the costs we are facing?

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I can assist you with your requirement.

To discuss further in detail, please reach me out through Skype via cis.garry or drop me mail at garry@cisinlabs.com

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

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Hey Till_ Bonninghausen,
I hope this message finds you well
I have seen your requirement and can surely help you out with that ,please connect to discuss more in detail.

Hi @Till_Bonninghausen

we faced a similiar problem with 3cx as call provider. The api of 3cx wasnt compatible with pipedrive anymore. But, 3cx offers a webinterface which lets us access the call-logs and data.
We used this webinterface to push the dato into pipedrive in an fully automatic way.
So, try to check if there is a website you can access to see your calls - that might help and could be the basis for a custom integration.

Hello Till,
I represent ligeia.eu a web development company based in Europe specialized in Pipedrive integration. We did an integration with Twilio before and perhaps we can take help you and take a look at this integration problem with WebEx. If you want you can contact me here or at paolo.schiattarella @ ligeia.eu

looking forward to read from you.


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