API parameter get_activity_summary

I have picked up a project built by another team and am a bit confused about some of the usages in our code surrounding some API endpoints. For deals, organizations, and persons data we are using a query parameter called get_activity_summary when calling the details endpoints (e.g. /organizations/:id?get_activity_summary=true). This returns an object in the additional_data similar to the following:

        "total_activities": {
            "counts_by_type": {
                "task": 1
            "counts_by_assignee": {
                "14358275": {
                    "count": 1,
                    "user_id": 12345678,
                    "name": "John"

There is nothing at all mentioned about this parameter or this data in the API documentation. I also didn’t see any mention of this being deprecated. Can I get some clarification on this? If this was deprecated, or is going to be, are there any suggestions for replacing this?

Hey @mrklez
Welcome to the community :wave: & thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me check with the concerned team and get back on this :slight_smile: