API Proxy end point cannot add multi dimensional Email and Phone

While adding multiple phone/email on using API-proxy i can get a success response but the pipedrive interface the email and number are not saved.

I tried using the same form using api.pipedrive end point the number and email are saved successfully in the pipedrive interface

my php code using api.pipedrive end point “SUCCESS

my php code using api.proxy end point “FAIL


both using the same form

hi @atayyaa,
I haven’t looked in depth in your code, but what I see right away is that you’re trying to use api-proxy passing an api_token, which is not how it works.

If you want to use your api_token, you’ll have to contact <your-company>.pipedrive.com (api.pipedrive.com will also work even though it’s not recommended) and pass it as a query parameter like your doing now ?api_token=xxx.

If you’re using api-proxy, it means you’re using OAuth, and therefore should pass the access_token in your authorization header, as described here https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/marketplace-oauth-authorization#section-step-6-using-the-tokens

yes i pass the access_token in the api proxy its still success but the email and phone fail to insert the multi input

@dani could you help me here :smiley: thanks

hi @atayyaa,
I suspect there’s something wrong with how the data you’re trying to send is prepared.

Can you do a print_r of the data you’re trying to send?