API Rate Limit - Only for PUT/POST requests?

Hi All,

Just want to get clarification on the rate limit of 10,000 PUT/POST requests in 24 hour period.

Is this specifically PUT/POST requests ONLY or does this also include counting GET requests?
Rate limiting (readme.io)

I am hitting the limit and Pipedrive is returning 429 error status code but I ab definitely NOT making 10,000 PUt/POST requests, if we include GET requests then I am probably hitting that limit.

Can someone confirm? Thanks.

Hi @Donut,

About the 10K limit:
This limit is a fair usage threshold. This mean we don’t enforce it every time a client hits that limit (blocking action). Instead we track the violations internally and based on their impact we will decide to take action or not. This way we allow occasional higher usage. However, we recommend staying within the 10K limit consistently.
This limit also is specifically for “modification requests” not read requests so If you are being rate limited there is a chance you are hitting other rules (per service limits like search, etc). As you can see in the document linked below there are other policies and all them are applied at the same time. Basically whichever you hit first, will start rate limiting your requests.
Rate limiting

We recommend reaching out to us via chat so we can take a more detailed look at your traffic. We are able to tell you specifically why and how the rate limits has happened for your account.