API requests limitations

Hello :slight_smile:
We (as I and the company I’m working for :wink: ) have typical sales account in your application and now we want to integrate also with your API. We create for it separate pipeline and I have few questions because of it.

Actually, we will need 2 new pipelines. One production pipeline and second for the testing environment (including also automatic Selenium tests). I was looking for some information in this area but still, I’m not sure what should I do.
All because as far as I know you recommend creating a sandbox account and if it’s needed it’s possible to make it private. But we don’t need to make a separate app for your marketplace. We just need to have an additional pipeline for testing.

So, is it ok for you that one of our pipelines will be dedicated to the test environment? Do you have any requests limitations above which you could block us? We are not planning to make tons of requests per day but it’s good to know your opinion and assumptions.
Maybe some other important thoughts?

Hi Aga, welcome to the community.

I think I’m not fully understanding your needs? It doesn’t seem that you will actually be building an app, is this correct?

You can use the sandbox account for doing tests without affecting your live/working account (and this account is private). Any of the limitations on the Sandbox account are the same as on the live/working account.

Hi David :slight_smile: thanks for the response.

Yes, I’m not making any new app.
So my question is what are the limitations for live/working account? Any documentation reference on that?

I don’t undestand how Sandbox is working here. I found that if I want to make a new app I need it. But in my case I only want to create new pipelines for testing. If it will be Sandbox I don’t know if I could still authorize with api_token? I need to have the same authorization for both environments (testing and production).

Here is our documentation on Rate Limiting

A sandbox is created for 2 different purposes:

  1. To build a an app for the Marketplace
  2. To test data without affecting your paid account

You can’t use the same api_token for both accounts though. There is a unique API Token for every User on each account.

Thanks one more time :slight_smile:

I get it but last questions.
It looks like I could create api_token for Sandbox and then use it for authorization?
How can I create Sandbox on my existing account? I couldn’t find any settings to turn it on/ to pay for it but to get access to it. I found some instructions to create Sandbox account and then inside my settings I could create Sandbox app and make it private. Still it’s not available setting on my account or I couldn’t find it.

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I think I’m missing what you’re trying to achieve.

If you want to have a Sandbox account, you need to sign-up for one here.

When requesting a Sandbox account, if you plan to build an app, you need to state this and then you’ll have access to Marketplace Manager where you will be able to build an app.

But from what you stated earlier, it doesn’t seem like you will be building an app at all, but rather you just need a testing environment.

It looks like I could create api_token for Sandbox and then use it for authorization?

An API Token will be automatically created for the Sandbox account once it is created. All Pipedrive accounts have individual API tokens for each User.

Yes, I’m not creating new app. I just need testing environment.
How can I make it for an existing account? I don’t want to create new one. Like a new user for my account and it will be Sandbox.

Or it’s separate account and I will have 2 accounts, one for production and second one with Sandbox for testing?

How can I make it for an existing acccount? I don’t want to create new one.

You can’t make it for an existing account. A Sandbox account is a separate account.

I thought that I could make it on the same account but Sandbox will be like separate user.
Thanks for your answers, I think everything is clear now :slight_smile:

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