I’m trying to attach an audio file to an activity but I can only do this via postman, I’ve already implemented my code in Java, but it doesn’t accept requests, could you help me?

Hi @femelo22 :slight_smile:
It would help if you can provide more details. Do you get an error from Pipedrive’s API or from your Java implementation? What does the error say?

Hi @dani
I’m getting an error from the Pipedrive API when making the request within my project, via Postman I can get success, I checked all the headers and they are all present.
The only header that is behaving strangely is the “Host”, when I make the request without it, I get the following error:

“Invalid content-type header: multipart missing boundary”

But all headers that are in the documentation are in the request (multipart/form-data).
And when I add this header I get the following error:

400 Bad Request

400 Bad Request


I’ve already changed the implementation of the request in several ways, but I keep getting this error…

I’ve been having the same problem.
No matter what form of implementation is used, it always returns error 400.

Would there be a code example that works for this trigger so that we can perform the comparison?