App Development Workflow

Hi, I am building a private extension (link action, custom panel and custom modal) for internal use. I do want to publish a first version of the app and continue development using different endpoints to extend functionality without affecting production use. How would I do that? At the moment the app is developed in our sandbox account.
Thank you

Hi @mllrmat,

To publish the first version of your app for internal use, you will have to recreate it and re-register it in your live, paid account. This means you need to add the app again within Marketplace Manager.

You won’t need to send the app for review. The app is in Marketplace Manager; all users within that account will have access; there is no restriction.

You can then continue using your sandbox account to continue development with different endpoints to extend your app’s functionality without affecting your live account. When you’re ready with the additional development, you can copy what you’ve created to the same app in your live account.

I hope this answers your question. :blush:

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Hi, thank you very much. I will follow this approach.

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