App Embedded Action Disabled


I have created a super basic embedded app but when I go to the menu to click on the app it is disabled in the menu. If I click on the disabled field I can see a POST request sent to with is_disabled=true.

I have tried everything I can think of to change this and have spent the last 12 hours searching on the internet and speaking to support but am told I must contact a 3rd party developer to get this sorted.

Screenshot from 2021-11-25 15-57-50

Hey @Ryan
Welcome to the community :raised_hands: ! From the screenshot, it seems like you are in the detail view (of People, I suppose). The app action would only be enabled when you select the rows from the table below. It provides the context of the selected items to the URL you have configured for the action to respond to

For reference:

Let me know if this helps?