App Extension iFrame URL cannot be set to a non public URL?


we have a test-environment which is only reachable through VPN. In theory this should not be a problem as the iFrame URL is called from the browser, but when I try to set the iFrame URL in the app extension settings, it seems like pipedrive does a ping in the background and does not allow to store the URL, as it is not accessible from the the pipedrive servers.

Is there a way around this check so that we can add the iFrame URL?

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 09.58.20

Hello @PatsHologram !

This might change in the future for apps in draft status, but currently it’s not possible to use a url with local IP in app extensions. Maybe it’s possible to use something to forward the requests to an external address to your local one, such as ngrok.

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