App extension - JSON Modals is right solution or not? Or if you have any suggestion, please help me

I need to setup Pipedrive deal’s UI and insert one button in the list that will trigger by clicking on it iframe with form to add Deal fields to the deals sidebar. Like the follwoing in the following photos:

and there is one video Video example.mp4 - Google Drive. I have already frontend page. This form(iframe) needs to be triggered by clicking the new button. This link for my frontend page: Job Form

Hi @Ikromjon_Ochilov,

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Have you already built your Pipedrive app?

If not, you must create an app to insert a link in the list. Learn more about how to create an app here.

Here’s a short summary of what to do to insert the link as you wish:

  1. Sign up for a sandbox account here

  2. Create a public app in Developer Hub

  3. Create a link action in the App extensions tab

  4. Test your app

  5. Send it for review

  6. Once it’s reviewed, you can publish your app. All users who install our app will be able tocan see and use your link.

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