"App is not found"


we have a problem reauthorizing with one of our custom apps. When i initialize the oauth flow, i am redirected to the “App is not found” error message.

  1. Clicking the “Re-authorize” button fails
  2. I cannot open the “preview” for the marketplace view (says 404)
  3. Initializing the authorization from outside of pipedrive (via oauth.pipedrive.com/authorize as described OAuth authorization) fails

I used a private session in a separate browser to mitigate the problems of being logged in with the wrong company as described here: Oauth says App is not found.

Seems like our app does simply not exist anymore? I also created a completely new app with the same problems.


1 hour later the authorization works now… even though this error occured for the whole last week. Not sure what changed.

Can be closed.