App link in Pipedrive

Hi guys,

we would like to add a general link to our App in Pipedrive. The link doesn’t need to include any context information. Ideally we’d have link in the Organization List actions menu, so like an App Action link but that doesn’t require a selection of items to be activated, just always clickable (and opens a new tab).
Is that possible? Or is there any other location where we could add such link?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Claudia,

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem at all with the App Actions and an app that is built (and in the Marketplace either unlisted or public if you want to use it on multiple accounts).

The problem with App Actions is that if the user hasn’t selected any items in the List view, the app actions aren’t available, and we would like to have this link available at all times, do yo know if that’s possible?

Unfortunately no, we don’t have this as an option in List View (if nothing is selected). I can only recommend using a Chrome extension or something similar to accomplish this.

I’ll send your feedback to our team though.