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  • Why I dont have the possibility to set a value like Connect Button URL different from Callback URL?
  • How can I change the button after the app is installed from “Intall now” to “Installed”, will change by itself after the tokens generation?
  • Also the deletion of the app from the installed apps should be managed with tokens?

Hello team,

The uninstallation is handled in 2 different ways depending on where the uninstallation is coming from, as explained in this article:

When a user uninstalls from Pipedrive we will send a DELETE request to your callback, and this is a good opportunity to confirm that we only allow callback URLs within our OAuth process. And to answer your question specifically on marking the app as uninstalled, yes it is managed by revoking the refresh token and access token, as explained more in detail within the article I shared.

The install button will be changed automatically after you have gaining access to the access token as explained in this graph:

Specifically in step 5.

Hello! thank you very much for your answer!
But for our app we would need only to redirect the user to our website, cause we are using IPAAS platform as integration layer so the redirect uri is used for the oauth flow and cannot be started from the pipedrive market place.

@danielpicon do you think could be possible?

Hello team,

Initiating the installation from the Marketplace is a hard requirement to have any app published on our Marketplace.

There are other apps in our integration platforms category that would help understand what they did even if they are a IPAAS platform.

If you’d like talk more in detail about this, please reach out to

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